About US


Peaceful Calm Tea was a rough idea birthed in my mind during the lockdown that followed the Covid-19 pandemic. You can guess how rough things were. No, you must have experienced it as well. Nerves were everywhere because we were all worried about our lives, our family, our businesses. A cup of tea, different kinds of tea helped me during this period. I actually like coffee. It’s just that I needed to step down from the buzz, not get buzzed up for more activity. I had to be mindful of my health so I had to dig deep for options that would be refreshing and beneficial to my health.

When the lockdown was to be eased and we heard about companies downsizing because of the dwindle in resources, I got worried. Somehow, I knew that I wouldn’t go back to my job. So, the thoughts of bringing something valuable to society that would also be a source of livelihood danced around in my mind for a while till I decided to sell tea.

I sell tea because I learned that it’s beneficial to your health. It can boost your immune system, soothe your nerves and also tastes amazingly wonderful.